Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Vintage Valentine's

I love vintage...or in my days we call them "antiques", but I guess vintage is a little newer in dates than antiques. Anyway....I love them both so I thought I would start showing you some vintage and upcycled sellers from Etsy

Since Valentine's Day is this week I thought we could visit some shops that have vintage Valentine's items. 

So how many of you remember giving Valentine's cards to your classmates at school? I remember decorating a shoe box with paper and sitting it on the corner of my school desk and then all the students would walk around the room and put the cards in the boxes. Shabbychicskiboutiq has this cute vintage card just like the one's I use to give. 

Look at this cute little trinket box from Josefcollector. Every little girl would love to have one of these in my days....oh no....I am aging myself again. :)

Oh remember the Precious Moments craze! They were always so cute and yes "precious". These were great items to collect as there were so many of them. MaryJaneTreasure has several in her shop. I like this cute one. 

Look at this vintage Valentine candy box from TheLostRooms. How pretty is this. And it is cloth covered so you really could use it nowadays for storing those vintage Valentines cards. Sounds like a good idea. 

Well we could go on and on with vintage items for Valentine's Day, but I will end it here. There are really so many vintage Valentine's out there for you to see so have fun. 

Have a great Valentine's Day! 

Colleen :)