Friday, July 9, 2010

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone - Try Something New Today

Are you stuck in a rut of making the same things over and over again?

Maybe you have always wanted to try something new but didn't know where to begin?

It can be challenging and enervating to learn a new craft.   You might not want to go into the business of making these crafts but it can be fun to make them for your own personal use or as gifts.

Everything you need to know to make soap can be found on Miller's Homemade Soap Pages.

A great resource for all types of candle making can be found at   Grandmas Handmade Crafts.
Ever wanted to try making a purse.  Here is an easy one to start with on Arts Crafts N Hobbies blog.

Lots of Crochet information can be found here at Beginner Crocheting.

Learn how to knit with these free knitting videos on Knitting Help.

These are just a few of the crafting arts.    There are so many more things you can learn.   Don't be afraid to try something new.  

Thanks for visiting today.
Bette Shaw