Monday, April 23, 2012

Organizing ----- Storage Solution for Small Closets

Today we have a guest poster,   Lisa,  who writes on the subjects of home improvement and urban living.

Storage Solutions for Small Closets

There’s a reason so many new homes are built with large, walk-in closets. Small closets simply aren’t desirable or practical. If you live in an older home, apartment, or loft, however, you may have to deal with trying to store all of your clothes and related items in small closets. Luckily, there are ways to increase the amount of usable space in your closet and avoid closet clutter and overcrowding. Here are some things you should consider doing to make the most of your tiny closets:

Trim the Fat

Every six months or so, take everything out of your closets and make two piles: one pile of things you’re going to keep and one pile of things you’re going to give away. It’s a fact of life that you won’t be able to hold on to every single thing you ever purchase. So, get used to getting rid of what you don’t need regularly, and you’ll always avoid clutter in your closets and home, no matter how much space you have.

Reach for the Sky

There are usually a few extra feet of wall space at the top of every closet. Consider adding some shelves, hooks, or pegs up there to increase the amount of usable space you have in your closets. Likewise, you might want to add a few extra shelves near the bottom of your closet walls. Shelves may look a little awkward there, but they’ll be very useful. Plus, it’s not like you’re going to have to enter your closet in a beauty contest or anything.

Get Some Space Bags

There’s no need to hang up out of season clothes in your closet. Get some Space Bags or similar bags to store clothes, blankets, and other cloth items when you aren’t using them. This can save you a whole lot of space in your closets. Plus, you can even store Space Bags under your bed, which frees up even more space in your closets. 

If worse comes to worst, you may have to resort to storing some of your excess belongings in your garage or basement. If you do decide to store things in these areas of your home, make sure you keep everything organized, and always try to regularly assess what you want to keep and what you can let go.

Author’s Bio: Lisa is a guest blogger on the subjects of home improvement, urban living, and the proper use of storage units, particularly storage units in Colorado Springs and storage units in McAllen.