Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome To My Studio --- Two Dancing Crows

Today's featured studio belongs to Kelle Arvay of  http://www.etsy.com/shop/twodancingcrows.
I just love having a studio to work in. Mine is a large room that was build off our 3 car garage (to hubby's dismay it's now a 2 car garage) and it is appx 9.5 x 28 feet. I love how bright and airy it is! In the summer I have A/C and heat in the winter. I'd like to invite you to take a tour of my studio! So come on in...

The view above is while standing just inside the entrance.

This view is looking the opposite way. That carpet we actually just changed  and it's now a wonderful berber. Notice that on half the floor I have carpet and the other half is tile. Works well to have one table for painting sitting on the tiled floor instead of the carpet (:

As you walk in on the left is my "office center". That's a fancy name I gave it though it just means it's just my desk, computer and office "stuff".

I love this desk though! I bought it from a antique place that was going out of business. So grabbed it for a steal. That desktop cubby you see, I cut the top so my flat screen monitor would be able to sit back into it. It worked out quite well.

Off to the right of the room you'll find my sewing table. Isn't that little Singer Featherweight just too cute! It's actually the only working sewing machine I have and I just love it! An old multiple cubby tote that has been painted a shabby white serves as a catch all for all my "smalls". It makes a nice little storage tote.

Next we have my painting table. Here I utilize a rotating painting rack for some of my paints as well as a old drawer turned sideways that I filled with paints, Modge Podge and other painting tools. The robin egg blue tote in the center also serves as storage.

Here is a close up of the old drawer. I really enjoy using old or vintage items as storage. Not only are they functional but they have a lot of visual appeal. Note the little oil cans sitting on top. I have a little collection of oil cans and funnels. Not sure why I'm drawn to them but I just find them delightful!

Also you'll notice I use old metal pots like the robin egg blue one on the bottom shelf. These make great little catch alls.

If you are a painter, it's a must to have a way to store all those little paint bottles. Right now I use this little spinning rack. Eventually I'd like to have hubby build me a wall unit where I can store all my paints as well as a built in rack for all my paint brushes. Just have to convince him that I really NEED one.

I love this chair. This sits next to my painting desk in case any guest come to visit or a small child needs a place to sit and help Mommy paint. It's a very comfortable chair too. I picked it up at an auction for $10 I believe. I think that was a great buy. It's amazing what you can snag at auctions for a song.

Most of the things you see in my studio either came from auctions, antique malls or even garage sales. Those places it seems the most interesting things can be found. So next time you see an ad in the paper about a upcoming auction or pass that garage sale sign you may consider going to it! You never know what treasure or bargain you'll find.

This mustard shelf unit I found at a garage sale. It was the ugliest thing until I gave it a make over. Originally it was just this ugly dark wood so I decided to paint it and simply love the results. As you can see it serves as a book shelf, fabric storage and of course display area for some of my goodies.

One can never have enough fabric you know. My stash looks puney compared to others I've seen. But it's growing! I don't know about you, but I have a hard time passing up fabric. Especially if it's beautiful, colorful and feels good to the touch. There's just something about yardage of colorful fabric. Shoot, fabric is a decoration all in itself!

Of course every studio needs a TV. Every now and then I watch HGTV, but that isn't too often as I find it on Sponge Bob more often than not. When my daughter is in the studio with me she manages to get first dibs on the TV. I swear I know every single episode of Sponge Bob by heart now. It's a good thing I like that funny yellow fellow (: We opted to mount the TV up on the wall. This works perfectly and is a great space saver. I also have a radio so at times I'll listen to music while I'm working

This fantastic shelf I bought at a antique mall just as it is for $40. I love the color. As you can see it holds more fabric as well as some knick Knacks. In the drawers there is more supplies and the cupboards below hold more fabric. I should of taken a picture of the fabric in there too but you get the idea I'm sure.

I love that gumball machine. Of course there are no gumballs in it because if there were I'd end up with a tummy ache from eating them all! I have a terrible sweet tooth and love candy. If anyone wants to send me candy...Pez is my favorite (:

This old spindle baby bed was given new life with a coat of soft green. It used to have rockers on it but I took those off so it's more stable.

Believe it or not every now and then I have a litter of Pug puppies that sleep in there. I bring them in the studio if I know I'll be out there awhile and need to watch them. It's adorable as their dam will lay in there as well nursing them to sleep.

A big thank you to Kelle for letting us walk through her studio with her.   You can visit Kelle's blog here,

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