Friday, June 25, 2010

Trash to Treasure ---- Magnetic Memo Board

                Today's Trash to Treasure is a magnetic memo board I made from an old metal lap tray.


Metal Tray
Scraps of Fabric
Fabric Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Bits and pieces of lace, ribbon, roses, etc
Wide ribbon for hanging
2 metal D-rings
E-600 glue

I used an old lap tray but any metal tray will work.   Now mine had legs attached to it and I had to cut them off with a bolt cutter.   There are little holes in the corners of my tray but they are not a problem.   But it is best if you use a serving type tray if available.    This is trash to treasure so I worked with what I had.

 First I scrubbed the tray real good and then let it dry.      I cut my pieces of fabric as I went along.    There is no set way to cut your fabric.    This is similar to making a crazy quilt.    Use  whatever appeals to you.
Keep a wet paper towel close by because your hands will get messy.

I cut my starting piece of fabric to the shape I wanted to start with.   Then I painted on a layer of mod podge with a foam brush in the area I wanted to start in.

Lay the piece of fabric on the mod podged area and smooth it down with your fingers.   Paint a layer of mod podge on top of the fabric.    Smooth any bubbles out with your fingers.   Make sure your fabric is saturated.

Cut your next piece of fabric to match a side of the first piece.   Coat the next area with a layer of mod podge overlappin the first piece slightly.   Lay the fabric where you want it and smooth it out.   Mod podge the top of the fabric.

Continue to add your pieces of fabric until the whole tray is covered.   Use your fingers to smooth the fabric over the curves.   Cut the fabric along the edges of the tray and mod podge them down.

Here is the tray with all the fabric glued down.

Let it dry thoroughly.   This may take overnight to dry.     Then glue the d-rings to the back of the tray. I glued mine 4 inches in from the sides.  This took overnight to dry.

   Now that the fabric is all mod podged to the tray and dry,   I am ready to add some embellishments.      I cut pieces of lace, rick rack and ribbon to fit over some of the seams between the fabric.     Mod podge the area where your lace,  rick rack or ribbon is going and then smooth it down where you want it with your fingers.    Then add a layer of mod podge over the top.

It is up to you what embellishments you add to it.   I added a fabric butterfly in one corner.

I cut a piece of wired ribbon  the length I wanted it and tied it to the d-rings.   Then I added some magnets and it is ready to hang up.    There are limitless ideas for magnets you can make yourself.    I am using some bottle cap and scrabble tile magnets that Deena gave me.   They have pictures of cupcakes on them.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and this trash to treasure idea.
Bette Shaw