Monday, October 11, 2010

Wrapping Paper Ribbon Wall Rack

Please welcome our guest poster today, Alissa of  She's sharing how to make this...

Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Wall Rack

What you'll need:
- 36" x 24" open back frame (Mine came from Hobby Lobby and was 1/2 off)
- (5) 28"-48" cafe rods ($2.99 each @ Hobby Lobby)
- spray paint
- mounting hardware for frame
The cafe rods came with brass hardware that I wasn't too crazy about.

So my first step was to spray paint the ends of the rods and the included hardware.  I used Krylon in Dover White.


And after:

Much better, don't you think?
To paint the rods I stuck them in the ground so the spray painting would be easier.  I think my neighbors may have wondered if the rods were a new, permanent fixture!

Here's the open back frame I used:

Next, attach the mounting hardware to the back of the frame.

Attach cafe rod hardware to the front of the frame.

That's it!
Here's the frame hanging in my craft room:

And here it is with wrapping paper and ribbon:

I think it would be fun to do this with a smaller frame and use it to only for ribbon.
Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoyed this project!