Monday, March 24, 2014

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has its roots in the Celtic tradition of Beltane.  When the weather began to warm, cottage windows were thrown open, floors were swept out, and herbs were used in an attempt to rid the farm of negative spirits that might have roosted over the long winter. Today spring cleaning is seen as the perfect time to freshen our modern homes.
These Etsy artists keep Mother Nature happy with their earth-friendly products featuring locally sourced materials and all natural components..
Only essential oils and castile soap go into safe all-purpose house cleaner concentrates from myessential8.  One 4 ounce recyclable bag pours into 64 ounces of usable liquid.  Check out this shop for a wide selection of home products in crisp spring scents..
 Save money on dryer sheets and reduce waste with brightly colored wool dryer balls.  Using locally sourced wool, BogBerryHandicraft offers balls in every color making laundry time more efficient and globally conscious.  Shop Bog Berry Handicrafts and use the coupon code SPRINGCLEANING now through the end of May to receive 10% off purchases of $40 or more!  Now there's inspiration!
Be sure to have hankies ready for dust sneezes during cleaning. Made of ultra soft sustainable bamboo and organic cotton, these reusable cloths are perfect for wiping hands as well as noses. JuniperseedMerc creates a beautiful line of "unpaper" products and cleaners to make your home super green.
 Get the kids involved with this mother-daughter broom set from Broomchick.  Using 100% broom corn  harvested by the artist these all natural sweepers will outlast and out-clean any store-bought synthetic. Even the handles have a higher purpose having been sourced from a reforestation project in Oregon.
 Infuse the home with lavender filled sachets from SalvageSeamstress. Using up-cycled vintage fabrics this artist stitches perfection into additional home accessories such as aprons, pot holders, and dish towels.
 For more fabulous eco friendly finds search spring cleaning on Etsy. 

Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck