Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Almost November

Well Halloween is this week and after all the festivities of that day we will be on to November and what is November.....Thanksgiving! Well for all of our USA friends that is. :)

I thought I would start with some decorating ideas for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Now I definitely don't have a table like this or the size of table, but I am sure many of you do so I thought this is really a nice centerpiece for a table. FarAboveRubies has some really nice centerpieces to check out.

Fall leaves are always good for fall decorating and what is nice is that you can carry them over to Thanksgiving decorating also. Here is a great idea to use jars and battery lights from MumsMakeList.

I am sure many of you have fireplaces with mantels and if you do those are always nice places to do lots of neat decorating. This mantel decorations from AmericanProfile shows a great way to decorate that mantel. And it looks pretty easy. 

Then if you are me I always like goofy and whimsical things to put on the door and JustPlainAdorable has this really cute door hanger! I just love it!

So if you like to go all out for Thanksgiving or just put a few items around there are so many ideas you can come up with. This is just a few of the many. 

Have fun decorating! 

Colleen :)