Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: The Start Of Summer

Well I hope that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and spent the day enjoying with family and friends. We are truly blessed and I want to thank everyone who has served to keep this country free. 

Now that Memorial Day is over and most kids are out of school (except my grandkids which have a couple of more weeks!) the summer vacation and outing plans start coming together. With that you will need to get supplied and ready to go to head on out on your summer of fun.

I think we will look at some of the different ways people spend their summer vacations and what you will need.....and of course you know that the Etsy shops have wonderful items for this. 

Many people will be visiting the beach this summer so of course you will need a beach bag. DesignsByApril1234 has these wonderful bags and you can pick your color and have them personalized! What a great idea. 

Some of you may be doing some fishing in the north woods area and of course your feet would get wet if you weren't wearing your rubber boots. Even though you have boots on, your feet can still get cold so why not put some warm fleece warmers in those boots. Rayana at WithTheRain makes these warm boot liners and look at how stylish they are! :)

A favorite past time of summers is camping with family and friends. And with camping there is always the campfire. Now you can make it easy to start that campfire with fire starters from DoubleBrush and these fire starters are eco friendly too. :)

And then there is the all time favorite summer past time....picnics! And what better way to spend the day in the sunshine than having a picnic of fried chicken, potato salad, and all the other goodies that go with this. And of course you will need to have the "picnic" basket to put them in so why not take this wonderful vintage one from ZulasHouse.

And last, but not least.....the all time tradition of the backyard barbecue! This time of year is the best time to have those barbecues and if your are having friends over or just your family you will need the right equipment for turning those burgers and flipping those steaks so why not use these wonderful hand forged utensils from FrogLevelFarm

So no matter what your summer activities are make sure you have the "goodies" to have that summer full of fun. 

So....what are your plans for this summer?

Colleen :)