Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today's Featured Artist --- Attebery Design

 Today's featured artist is Preston Attebery of Attebery Design.

Tell us a little about you.

Well my name is Preston Attebery, I'm fifteen years old and I live in the Atlanta metro area. Yes, I'm still in high school yet running a business named Attebery Design and I love it. I get so much joy by creating, talking, and doing business for my customers. I wake up early on my Saturday mornings getting a head-start on my busy business day.

How long have you been in business?

December of 2010 marked a year in business. That first year is always tough when your fourteen and have no idea what your doing, but I made it out alright.

How did you get started?

In the 6th grade I starting selling one dollar drawings to classmates. The official beginning of Attebery Design started when a friend referred me to Since then I've been selling my art to wonderful customers from Atlanta to London.

What is involved in making your craft?

First comes inspiration, thank God for all He gives. Once I get a spark of inspiration I create the general concept in my mind and before you know it, the pen hits the pad. (sometimes it takes a little more planning) You don't know what you really are going to create until its finished, and that's what I love about art.

Now that the easy part's over, I have to market, photograph, describe, and post my new creations. I take a short trip over to Kinkos, then to my deck to photograph my drawings giving a nice wood-tone background. Now to the computer where I edit and post my drawings to etsy, facebook, and twitter.

What is your favorite thing to make?
I can't narrow it down! Of course for me its drawing, but I just love drawing roses and hands. The stunning natural beauty of an elegant red rose is just so great to capture in a drawing. I use a pencil, a sharpie, and a ballpoint black pen to turn a blank page into a shining beaut. Also, hands really capture my attention. I make sure the little wrinkles and curves of the hand are apparent to give the drawing such a life-like feel.

Do you have set hours to work?

I sure dont. Whenever I get time, I work. Whether that's between classes (or during classes neglecting my work) or before and after school. The time when I get the most work done, as I said before, is on Saturdays.

What are your future plans for your business?

I plan on unveiling a completely new, fully-functional website to accommodate my customers better. So that will be a load of work for me to cram in on my Saturdays.

What does handcrafting mean to you?
It means plainly making things with your hands no matter what that is. Its expressing yourself creating things beautiful. Its knitting, drawing, woodworking, taking pictures, and painting.

Where do you sell your crafts at?
I sell my crafts on etsy! Thanks so much for!, I sell my art on my website:
and at craft shows in Georgia.