Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Rag Quilted Christmas Table Runner

Today's tutorial is for a rag quilted table runner.    I used Christmas fabrics for this one but you could use whatever fabric prints you would like and make several for the different holidays.   I used three larger blocks in the center making it easier to set bowls or centerpieces on them.


1 1/2 yds fabric for backing
1 1/2 yds warm n' natural batting
1/8 yds cuts of 7 different fabrics
1/3 yd fabric for large blocks
matching thread

Cut Out

From Fabric
Cut 3--10 inch blocks from backing fabric
Cut 28-- 5 1/2 inch blocks from backing fabric
Cut 3-- 10 inch blocks from print of your choice for center of quilt
Cut 4-- 5 1/2 inch blocks from 7 different fabric prints

From warn n' natural batting
Cut 28---4 3/4 inch blocks
Cut 3-- 9 1/2 inch blocks

Sandwich each block with a backing, wrong side up,  batting centered on top of this and then your main fabric on top of the batting,  right side up.

   Pin together.    Sew an X in each block from corner to corner.  Yellow lines indicate stitching lines.

After you have all your blocks stitched, lay them out the way you want them to be sewn together.  This is the left section on the table runner.    There are two small squares on each side of the 10 inch square and four squares across the top and bottom.

Next you will need to sew the small squares together.    The easiest way to keep from mixing your pattern up is to take up two at a time and sew them together and put them back.    The two squares on the side of the large block are sewn on the bottom and top edges.
With the back sides together and the fronts facing out,  sew together in a 1/2 inch seam.

I like to clip my seams for fringe as I sew them.   I cut a small clip from each side of the seam to eliminate bulk when the runner is sewn all together.   Then clip the seam in 1/4 inch increments.   Be very careful not to clip into your seam as you do this.

After you have the two side blocks sewn together,  sew the four top and bottom squares together.
Your block will look like this.    Sew the two blocks to each side of the middle square.   Then sew the top and bottom strips of four blocks to the top and bottom of this piece.    This is the first finished section.
Next sew the middle section of blocks.   There are just two blocks on the top and bottom of the middle block to sew together.   Then sew the blocks to the top and bottom of the middle block.
Sew the center section to the first section.
Then sew the last section the same way you sewed the first section.
Once this is sewn together you will sew it to the other side of the middle section.   
The last thing you need to do is to sew all around the outside edge in a 1/2 inch seam.   Clip the seam for fringe and you are done sewing.    I usually just spray all the clipped seams with water and throw it in the dryer to curl the fringe.

 If you are new to rag quilting you might want to read through my earlier post on the introduction  to rag quilting.

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you enjoy making one of these for yourself.