Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rag Quilting Tutorial --- Part Three

Welcome to part three of my rag quilting tutorial. You should have all your individual blocks sewn now and be ready to sew them together into one large block.

Here is the center of the large block.    Your one dark block is in the middle with a light block on both sides.

 Pin the blocks together along the side.   Remember your seams will be on the outside so the back sides of the blocks will be together.    Sew the seams with a 3/4 inch seam allowance.

Next cut the clips from the sides and cut the seam for fringe like you did last week

This is what your row should look like.

The other two rows are made the same way.   The two triangle blocks are on the outside and the light color block is in the middle.    Pin the seams together just like you did the last row.  Stitch the seams and then cut the clips out of the end of the rows and cut the seam for fringe.

You now have three finished rows.   Lay them out like this.

Then you are going to pin the two long rows together.   Sew them with a 3/4 inch seam allowance.   This is where all that corner clipping comes in handy now because you will be sewing over  the seams now.    It is much easier to sew these rows together with all that bulk eliminated.

You will need to treat these two long seams the same way you did all the others.  Cut the clips out of the two ends of the rows and clip the seam for fringe.

And this is what the finished block will look like.

This will look a lot nicer once it has been washed and dried because the fringe will curl under.

Well,  that is the first block of the quilt.   You will need to make 12 of these large blocks to make a lap quilt.
Next week I will show you how to sew the blocks together and have the dimensions of the finished quilt for you.

Thanks for joining me again this week.

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