Monday, August 12, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Travel Crafting

Travel can often leave the crafter's hands idle- a fretful state for the creative mind!  But with some old clothing and fresh ideas, those miles can be productive.
In my closet I found two jackets that I love but discovered that the moths love even more. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 
Both being 100% wool, these fabrics are perfect for small travel projects.  Cutting 5x5 squares makes for grab and go ease.
And I have just the right size project in mind! Check out some of the ultra cool mini crafts in Microcrafts!
The supply list is simple and air-travel friendly.  These supplies have been TSA-approved at airports across the world.
This trip I am bringing along the instructions to make little dogs.
Because I like to travel light, I traced the pattern and took a pic of the instructions to store in my iPhone.
 A quart sized Ziploc baggie of fiberfill is enough stuffing to create a full kennel.  With all necessary supplies packed up and stored in my carry-on bag I am ready for in-flight fun (and as it would turn out: delayed flight blues).
Hand stitching these wee critters made my travel time fly right by and kept my twitching fingers steady!  Now I can say I made lots of new friends in the airport ;)
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck