Thursday, May 23, 2013

Witches Stitches - No Sew Book Cover

Adding a big decorating look for a little effort and a very little price!

I love books, all kinds. I keep my decorating books and look at them over and over. I also like to keep a journal to write down new ideas for dolls and other art work. I am also one of those people who like everything to match. I am a lover of prim and I try to hide all modern items that I feel don’t fit into my primitive looking home. If you are wondering what books and primitive decorating have to do with each other…well…my book covers don’t always match the color of a room or the look of the book in the room is just wrong. So I came up with a decorating idea to make them look like they are just as old and primitive as the rest of the house. I cover them with fabric. You can use tea dyed fabric or you can use reproduction prints from the 1800’s. If you are really lucky and have some true old pieces of fabric, all the better.
You can cover the books so they are readable or you can go to the thrift store, get some hardback books, cover them, distress them and use them as decoration on an old school desk or on an old table. You can even print a paper label and glue it to the front of the book to give it whatever title you want. I have made some fabric covered books, glued a label to the front, stacked two or three together and added some Sweet Annie to the top book. I use some old string or tea dyed cheese cloth to tie them together. They really do add a great touch to any room. If your decorating is not primitive you can use any fabric that matches your d├ęcor.

1 - It is so very easy to do. Get the books you want to cover and follow this step by step list:
2 - Open your book, lay it flat and measure the with and the height. Add 3 inches to all sides.
3 - Cut your fabric to match these measurements. If you are going to tea dye your fabric do it before you go on to the next step.

4 - Iron your fabric and make sure you get all wrinkles out.
5 – Put a light coating of white craft glue, (I like to use “Tacky Glue” in the gold bottle), all over one side of the cover. Lay your fabric over it, making sure it over laps by the 3 extra inches on all sides. Press down and smooth out all wrinkles so the fabric sticks and you have a smooth surface.

6 – Now do the spine of the book and then repeat the process on the back cover of the book. Make sure you do this with the book closed.
7 – Let it dry a few minutes. 

8 – You now want to fold the extra fabric over on the inside of the cover, front and back.
9 – You will have to clip the overflow part of the fabric from the top and bottom of the spine of the book so the fabric folds in neatly.

10 – Using a small amount of glue, glue the fabric down inside the cover by folding the fabric in. Do this to both front and back. Close your book and your cover is done.
11 – If you want you may stop here for a book that will be stacked and tied and uses as decoration. If this is a book you will be reading or a journal, cut a piece of fabric to fit the inside of the cover. Make it about an inch smaller than the cover itself. Glue it over the folded inside pieces of fabric. This will give your book a neat finished look inside and out.

12 – If you want your book to look even older you can sand the fabric lightly across the cover and a little heaver on the edges. If the fabric shreds a bit that is ok, it is part of the look. You can also sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the book and then lightly wipe it off so just a bit of the dust is left on. To set this you can spray it with a very, very light coat of matt clear spray.
Just place the books wherever you want and they will be a great addition to your home. Maybe add a pair of antique reading glasses, or an old pen and glass ink bottle. A great look for very little cost.

Hope you enjoyed this decorating tip. If you have any questions just give me a shout.
Enjoy, Faith