Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Upcycle your Valentine's

Still need some ideas for Valentine's Day decorations to put around the house? Why not try some of these upcycled ideas I found on Etsy for you. :)  Our homes can always use a little decorating don't you think? :)

Now this is a different wind chime from Onamesleft. I guess this would be more for the outdoors decoration, but you could use it indoors also. 

This would look nice in your bathroom. Very nice accessories from TagsnTwine

It seems that beach glass is all the rage these days. I know people love to have things made from beach glass so I found this suncatcher from HandMadeBeachCraft that you could put in your kitchen window and let the sun shine through it. Now if you are like me up north here you have to wait half the day for the sun to come up! LOL! :)

I know you have a vacant space on that wall in the living room so why not fill that space by hanging this banner from Mixstudio.

I am sure there are all kinds of upcycled ideas that we can come up with to decorate our homes for Valentine's Day, so these are just a few I found. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great week!

Colleen :)