Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Garden Art

Now that we have the tools for our gardens and know how to plan them, we now need some art for our gardens. Garden art always adds something special to our gardens and I always enjoy looking in all the nooks and grannies of a garden to see all the neat fixtures. 

Here are some "finds" that I found from the wonderful stops on Etsy.

Every flower garden needs some daisies and EarthStudioMetalArt has this great rust metal daisy. Would look great in a southwest garden. 

Patty at PatsGardenArt has these cute metal garden flowers and I love all the colors. These flowers would fit into the garden area pretty good. 

Now....every garden should have bumble bees in them. Bumble bees are a gardens friend and helps all the plants grow and pollinate. MyGardenGoddess has these cute stepping stones for your garden. Just add them in your garden and follow the path....

So you can remember what you planted where in your vegetable garden why not use these garden markers from FromArtisansHands. I sure could use these because before the veggies come up I can't remember what the rows have in them and I love the colors of these markers. :)

And last but not least.....every gardens "good luck" charm....the ladybug. When I was a child my grandmother use to tell me that ladybugs were good luck to have in your garden so why not put this ladybug from LANDDelements in your garden to bring good luck to it. :)

Now you can get busy planning your gardens, planting your gardens and add "goodies" to your gardens. 

Good luck with your gardens and have fun!:)

Colleen :)