Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Crocheting Tutorials

I know everyone is waiting for Spring and so am I, but I thought maybe we could work a little longer on crocheted scarves and hats. I know up here in the north country we only have a few months that we don't wear these so they are very popular. I do a lot of crocheting in my spare time (as if I have any of that! LOL!) and I make sweaters for Knits For Kids and have for a few years. 

So for those of you that would like to get some new patterns for scarves and sweater I surfed the web and found these for you. :)

Here is a pattern and tutorial from Classy Crochet for a diamond lattice chain scarf. It looks very pretty and actually I have made these before and once you get it going it is pretty easy. :)

Well I am sure some of you crocheters use Red Heart yarn, as I do with my sweaters for the kids, so I thought I would show you this pattern from Red Heart.

Crochet hats are becoming more and more popular or at least they seem to be. I know ladies up here wear them a lot. I know one of the popular one's are the slouch hat. Over at the Examiner.com they have this pattern that looks pretty good. If I liked crochet hats to wear I would try making one of these, but I don't wear hats. :)

Then let's not forget the kids hats! You can make such cute designs for them. This one from Ravelry is so cute. Makes me wish my grandkids were little again. 

So while you are still sitting in the snow and wondering if Spring will ever get here, just use that time indoors and make a scarf and hat. :)

Get that crochet needle out and happy sewing. 

Colleen :)