Thursday, April 17, 2014

Witches Stitches - Spring Cleaning - Mind Body and Soul

I find that when I am at my most creative my mind, body and soul are all sync. With Spring almost here, (I know the calendar says it is, but until I can wear sandals all the time, it is not officially here for me),  I like to do some spring cleaning. Not only do I do the entire studio clean up and out, I also do a mind, body and soul clean up and out. Everything I create comes not only from my mind, but also my soul. Art is just like that.

If you have never done, (or it has been a while), a cleaning out of your soul I am putting forth a challenge. No, don’t worry, It does not involve any yoga or anything like that. I wear yoga pants while working, but I can assure they have never seen a yoga class. I am going to put a link to a pintrest board I put together for this. It is all inspirational sayings. Pick one every day, can be the same one if need be and live it for that day.  Do this for a week and you will see a difference. A month and it becomes a habit and you are doing it without even trying. It just happens. I have added all different ones for different situations. Only you know what needs to be done in your life to make your true creative-self shine through. The one thing you do have to do is to be honest with yourself. It is just you talking to you, a very safe place.

Here is the link

In case you need a good laugh while you are cleaning, here is a board I made with some funny stuff

I have several things I live my life by and it seems to keep my soul uncluttered. First there is the…”Do un to others” rule. That is a must and then there is this one. It hangs in my kitchen.  It is a take-off from a quote from Mark Twain. I hope you to live it too. The first half of the ride has been great and I am looking forward to the second. Here is a picture of it:
Next week I will post some natural easy cleaning items you can make to clean out your studio or work space. A good clean always gets the creative juices going and if you are like me you will find a whole world of things you forgot you had. Thanks for reading and have a great week. Faith