Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ---- Rag Quilted Mug Mats

Since I need to make myself some new mug mats,   I thought I would share this tutorial with you today.

If you have never done any rag quilting,   this is a super easy way to start.

Supplies For One Mat:

Two 6 inch squares of fabric
One 5 inch square of warm n' natural batting
Matching thread

Lay your first fabric square down with wrong side facing up.  Center the batting on the fabric square.

Lay the second fabric square on top of the batting with the right side facing up.   Pin together in a couple of places to hold it together.
Now stitch from corner to corner,  sewing an X on the mat.   I used a light thread so you can see the stitching.

Now you need to stitch a square 3/4 inch in from the edges.

Clip a square out of each corner.

Now just clip the outer seams in 1/4 inch increments to make fringe and you are done.

Hope you enjoy making some of these.
Thanks for visiting today.