Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tutorial - Turning Your Ordinary Printable Tags Into Something Extraordinary

As you know, I'm the owner of Ewe-N-Me Printables and have been working with paper crafts for several years.

While the printable tags you buy from me or another seller of printable items can simply be printed on card stock, hole punched and a sting added and they look great, let's take tag making a step further.

First of all, find your favorite tag file and print them on the best paper you have, card stock normally works great. Sometimes I use a matte photo paper, as  photo paper can really make the colors pop.

Trim the tags so the unprinted edges don't show. Many times I'll use a paper trimmer.

If you have any stamp/ink pads find one with a coordinating color and ink the edges. Just simply rub the edge of the tag along the stamp pad. You just want the edges, so go lightly at first, you can always add more if necessary.

This is how mine turned out after I inked the edges.

Before you punch a hole in the tag, let's look for some coordinating colored card stock and add a backing to the tag. I like to put glue on the back of my tag, line it up in the corner of the card stock so I only have to trim a couple of the edges. You want to leave about an 1/8 inch of the colored card stock showing around all edges. As you can see, it's a great way to use up your scraps.

Again, ink the edges of the card stock to match the tag. As you can see, I didn't go overboard with the inking. (click the pics for a closer view)

Now, let's punch a hole thru both layers… the tag and the card stock backing. If you have eyelets now would be a good time to use them… if not,  simple hole will do. You can see that I did use the eyelets here.

Rather than using plain string for the tie, I used coordinating ribbon instead. Sometimes I like to tie bows on the front of the tag… sometimes not, it just depends on how it works out.

You can add rhinestones, paper flowers and other things to the front go the tag if you like. Just use your imagination.

These are my finished tags... simple, but a little more than just a printed and cut tag.

If you're interested in finding the printable file for these tags they're located here... www.ewenmeprintables.com

Thank you for joining us today.
Deena Davis