Monday, January 10, 2011

Organizing Craft Paints

If you're a painter, you've probably had the problem at one point or another of where and how to store your acrylic craft paints. I'm not a painter, but I do have some craft paints and when I need them they're easy to find, but they're not the most organized things in my house. I keep them stored in a plastic ice cream bucket under the kitchen sink. (please don't laugh)

Rather than suggest that it's a good idea to you keep your paint in a bucket, I searched the internet for some better ideas. This first one I found, is one that I love... an old coke crate.  I found it at

The next idea I ran across was using a small shelf, this one shown fits on a table top and is just the right size. Storing the bottles on their sides is a great idea so the colors are easily seen. This idea is from

The pre-made metal spinners look like they would really handy. Kelle Arvay shows us hers on her blog, I like the way she has the colors written on the lids. What a great way to eliminate the guess work of finding the correct color.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire us to be more organized with our paints. They're certainly more appealing that my ice cream bucket. ;-)

Thanks for joining us!
Deena Davis