Monday, September 15, 2014

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Autumn Craft Supplies

Growing up in New England, I loved creating autumn decorations with my mother.  Her craft supply closet had almost everything we needed for primitive leaf garlands, pumpkin pot holders, and wee festive critters.  What we didn't have on hand we could find in nature or dye to meet our color needs.  Today's Etsy up-cycle artists are still employing time-tested techniques to produce top quality supplies hot fall trends.
Cooler autumn evenings lend themselves to working with warm wool.  3BagsFulled is busy turning last year's sweaters into this fall's craft supplies.  Perfect for penny wool, wool applique, and small sewing patterns. 
Vintage ephemera adds instant whimsy to any project!  These orange and white transportation tickets are available at ZoeAmaris, where the shelves are well stocked with paper supplies for every season and so much more! 

Gourds galore are waiting for creative souls at ridgetopcottage. This Etsy up-cycle artist works with Mother Nature to perfect the canvas straight from the earth.  
Vintage buttons are the icing on the creative cake!  From pillow accents to changing the look of a favorite jacket to breath-taking jewelry, the versatile button stands center stage!  Pick up these brassy beauties at AddVintage.
Wrap it up!  Don't forget the ribbon.  The final touch for every autumn masterpiece.  Howsewears crafts vintage inspired ribbons by hand-dying seam binding in colors that inspire!
For more fabulous supplies search recycled craft supply on Etsy.
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck