Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - How To Make a Pillow Box

Today, we'll show you how to make this cute pillow box using a free printable from www.ewenmeprintables.com The printable file can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

Things you’ll need:
Pillow Box Printable PDF File  (click here to download free printable file from www.EweNmePrintables.com)
Card Stock or Heavy Weight Paper to print on
Printer with Ink
Bone Folder (or household butter knife)
Cutting Mat (optional)
Glue or Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Let's Begin:
Print the pillow box printable on cardstock or a heavy weight paper, and trim the pillow box image with scissors so none of the unprinted edges show.

Once the image is printed and trimmed, lay the unfolded printed box on a hard surface or cutting mat.
With your bone folder or the BACK SIDE of your butter knife. Score the oval and straight edges of the pillow box.

Crease the edges where you scored so the folds are folded inward.

Add glue or double sided tape to the printed edge of the straight flap.

Attach the flap to the other side of the box. Make sure the flap is on the INSIDE.

While holding the box on the straight edges, with thumb and forefinger, gently push to "puff up" the box.
 Fold the oval flaps inward to close the box on both sides. It's not necessary to add adhesive to the oval flaps, however you can if you desire.

That's it!! Your pillow box is now complete. Be sure to put something special in you box before you fold in the flaps.

Content and Photos ©2010 Deena Davis, www.EweNmePrintables.com

Thanks for joining us!
Deena Davis