Thursday, August 8, 2013

Witches Stitches - Pumpkin Faces


I just have 2 tips to post this week. With all the rain I am so behind in my orders that I am spending my time playing catch up. (Nothing dries with the rain and humid weather) So this is a quick post.

Anyway…fall is right around the corner. We will be making pumpkins and fall decorations soon, if you have not started already.

I thought I would post 2 ways I make faces for cloth pumpkins. The first is so easy. Just go to Google images and do a search for pumpkin face outline. You will find a large amount of different faces. Pick one you like that is not copy right protected, (it will say), then copy and paste it into word. You can then make it whatever size you choose. Print it out. Now cut out the eyes, nose and mouth and use it like a stencil. Trace the images you want with a pencil then remove the paper and fill it in with a sharpie marker. This way the eyes are even and you can do a few that look the same.

The other way I do the faces is “applied fabric” eyes, nose and mouth.  I cut out the shape of the features I want for the face from scrap pieces of fabric. Then I place them all on the cloth pumpkin before I start sewing to make sure they are the size I want and they all fit. It is always better to cut them a little bigger if you are not sure of your size. This way you can trim them down if needed. Then with a very simple stitch I use black thread and sew them on. This gives my pumpkin a primitive look. I have included a picture of each kind of face.
Hope this helps in your pumpkin making and talk with you all next week.