Monday, May 21, 2012

Organizing --- Craft Room Feature, Barb's Heart Strokes

Hope you are enjoying our craft room series.  Here is another craft room for your viewing pleasure.    Today's guest is Barb from Barb's Heart Strokes.

 "Hi my name is Barb of Barbsheartstrokes. I have been painting for about 17 years. When we moved from Las Vegas here to Utah I insisted on a room of my own. So I go the partially finished bedroom and a large unfinished area in the basement. In my room I have an area to paint, an area for books and supplies and I have the computer in this room too. (This helps me monitor my kids on the internet.) In the other room is where I store my frames, do a bit of light sanding and staple screen to the frames. Love my air compressor! This is also where I spray the finished artwork with a sealer. It is not pretty but it doesn’t matter if you spill paint on the floor here!" And now for the tour.

Painting Area

Book Storage

Computer Area and More Storage

Barb is lucky to have a second room to store all her frames.

And do the finishing work on her frames.

You can find Barb online here:!/BsHeartstrokes

Thanks,  Barb,  for sharing your wonderful work space with us today.