Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tutorials - Handmade Bracelets

Today's post is all about handmade bracelets and how to make them.

The first one I'm sharing with you is really cute and made from jersey knit fabric. (wondering if you could make one from an unwanted t-shirt?) The instructions can be found at www.vanessachristenson.com Isn't this cute?

This one is really cute too. Instructions can be found at www.minieco.co.uk It's made from string, washers and a wingnut? Yes a wing nut and look how cute it is. 

How about these cute beaded hemp bracelets? I was surprised that these were so simple to make. Find out how they're made at www.making-jewelry-now.com

The last one I am sharing with you is just adorable. It's made from a zipper and it's really cute! The tutorial can be found at www.cutoutandkeep.net

Thanks for joining us today!
Deena Davis