Thursday, July 17, 2014

Witches Stitches - Weed Be Gone!!!

If you are like me you love your wonderful lawn and beautiful gardens. The thing I can’t stand are the WEEDS!!. Getting down and weeding is something I choose not to do. In my gardens I laid down a layer of weed cloth so no weed grow. This works very for my gardens, but for the rest of my yard I am not one to use weed killer that is all toxic chemicals. It is so bad for the environment. You may think you are only spraying the weeds between you stepping stones, but really you are spreading poison throughout your yard. This could affect all the wildlife.  
Here is a weed killer you can make in no time and it is kinder to the environment. Mix together the vinegar and the salts. Then add in the soap. Mix slowly, don’t shake or you will have a bucket full of bubbles.

Now put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray your weeds. Be careful it will kill whatever you spray it on. It is best to use a bottle with a fine spray so you can direct the spray. You can get these most hardware stores.

1 Gallon of vinegar
2 cups of Epson salts
¼ cup Dawn dish soap (original blue)
The environment thanks you.