Monday, June 27, 2011

Organizing With Reusable or Recycled Containers

Let's get creative and find new uses for empty jars, shoe boxes, food containers and more. Here are some great ideas to get us started.

This one is from They give us 10 ideas on how to reuse or recycle containers to hold craft supplies.

This idea is simply brilliant! Visit to find out how she made this soup storage container from an empty 12 pack soda box.

Do you have any empty baby food jars? This idea is great. I love how the contents are written on the top of the jar. This would also be great for small craft supplies too. Find out how it was done at

This is a really neat idea too... a ribbon dispenser made for TicTac containers. This would be great for those smaller pieces you have lying around. Find out how it's done at

Hope this inspires!!
Thanks for joining us,
Deena Davis