Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Upcycle Your Garden

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching so it is time to plan those gardens. I think we will visit Etsy to see what neat upcycled, recycled items we can find for your garden. 

If you are like me I love to plant flowers in different types of pots. This teapot planter from ATeapotGarden has this really nice one that fits the bill. 

Now how cute is this coffee pot sun catcher from MinnesotaJunker! You could put it in your flower garden above some flowers and make it look like it is watering the flowers. :)

On to the vegetable garden. So you have your rows of seeds planted and what is the next thing you need.....markers so when the plants come up you can identify them. These recycled vintage spoons from MonPetitChouBoutique would really look good especially if it is an herb garden. 

Ooooo....oooooo!!! I just love old boxes and FilthyRichDesigns has this wonderful vintage tool box that has been upcycled to a flower planter! You can use it for flowers, but also would be wonderful for a small herb garden. If you are limited on space this box is for you. :)

Lots of neat upcycled items for your gardens. Why not try some of them out. 

Happy planting!

Colleen :)