Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Crafting Tutorials

Well Easter is getting closer. Just a few weeks away. Seems a little early this year to me. How about you?  We need to get busy and get those Easter decorations done. 

So one of the most popular decorations are Easter bunnies. I found this tutorial over at The Little Fabric Shop and I think it was the colorful bunnies in the basket that I found so appealing. Of course mine would never turn out this good, but maybe yours would. :)

Now of course the bunnies will need carrots to eat and these carrots over at MardiGrasOutlet look almost good enough to eat. Now I have never tried to make anything with that mesh, but it doesn't look to hard. 

Next we have the traditional Easter egg. Well these aren't quite traditional, but they are a nice spin on the Easter egg. I like the old fashion look to them and the lace and charm make a great addition. Over at craftsandcoffee you can find out how to make these decoupage eggs. 

Then we need Easter baskets to put everything in. I thought these cute little baskets from Jessica over at Inkitupwithjessica that are made from card stock were so cute. Just think of all the designs you could make. 

There are so many things you can make for Easter. I guess it is just deciding which one's you want to do. Hmmmm....now what shall I make.  Have fun with whatever you are making. :)

Happy crafting!

Colleen :)