Thursday, January 9, 2014

Witches Stitches No Calorie Chocolate Bunnies

I know it is only January, but I am thinking about spring already.  So this week I thought I would make calorie free chocolate bunnies.  If only…sorry but these bunnies are made out of fabric. Kind of a letdown, I know, but their cuteness will make up for it.

They are so easy to make and place a few of them in an antique basket with some Easter grass and they look too cute. They will stay in the basket and never on your hips. They are made from cotton muslin that has been dyed, painted and sanded. You don’t even have to buy a pattern.  You can if you want but no need you can find one for free online.
Step 1 – Find a pattern. I found one by going to Google Images and typing in Easter bunny outline. I found one that has no copyright and it looks like a chocolate bunny. You can make these bunnies as big or small as you please. So print out the style of your choice. Now trace it out on freezer paper. You now have your pattern.

Step 2 – Iron your freezer paper onto your cotton fabric. SHINNY side down. Sew around the paper leaving enough room open along the bottom so you can turn and stuff it. Tune and stuff. When you are done stuffing, whip stitch the bottom closed.

Step 3 – Take a running stitch in your bunnies ears right down the middle so you have definition and it looks like he has two ears.  Pull each stitch a little tight, so you see an indentation. Now do the same for an eye. Just go back and forth on the sides of the bunny head.

Step 4 – Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Take 3 tablespoons of instant coffee and dissolve in ½ cup of hot water.  It will be dark, you want it that way.  Paint one side of your bunny with your coffee, (a stiff brush works best for this). Place him unpainted side down on prepared cookie sheet and place in oven. Just do one side at a time. This way you will not have any burnt spots. It should take about 10 minutes to dry. DO NOT LEAVE THE KITCHEN WHILE YOUR BUNNIES ARE IN THE OVEN.  Now do the other side. When both sides are dry, paint one side with slightly watered down craft paint. Use a dark chocolate brown color. Place it in the oven painted side up for about 10 minutes, Remember, no leaving the kitchen. Do the other side. When your entre bunny is dry, it is time to sand, Use a medium sand paper and do not rub too hard or you will put holes in your fabric. You will want to do this outside, it will make paint dust. How much you distress him depends on your style.  When he looks like you want, you are done.
You can do a bunch of these at once. Three makes a nice display. As always if you have any questions give me a shout.