Monday, January 9, 2012

Organizing - Craft Closets

I think a lot of us have been busy re-organizing our craft spaces since the holidays are over. I've been meaning to get to mine lately and haven't gotten to it yet. I need some inspiration.. or something.

We've featured a few different craft rooms in the past, so this time around, I'm featuring some craft closets. Hopefully this will spark some inspiration for me... and maybe you too... if you need it.

The first one I found was this craft closet at

This one's from and it's so cute. I love the curtain, you could close it when you weren't using it, or in my case, when it's messy.

This one's really girly with the pink. I love the use of hanging storage. The idea comes from

Last, but certainly not least, I found this great closet at Be sure to check the link as there are other photos.

Thanks for joining us today. I hope you're inspired.
See ya next time!
Deena Davis