Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial - Shortening Jeans to Make Capri Length Pants

I've had this pair of jeans in my closet for about 2 years now. They fit, but I don't like the way the legs are cut. They're not tapered or flared they are just straight leg jeans, but the legs are wide.

Today, while rummaging through the closet, I decided I needed a new pair of denim capris. My other two pairs are looking worn. Then I ran across my wide legged jeans and the light bulb came on... LET'S TURN THESE INTO CAPRIS!

This is how I did it...

Step 1.
Comparing the new pants with an older pair I had, I decided I wanted a 3 inch cuff. The cuff will be doubled, so I made a mark on the new pants little over 6 inches below where I wanted the actual length to be.

Step 2.
Carefully cut off the extra amount of pant leg from the new pants - just one leg for now. Take the bottom  part of the you cut off and lay it on top of the other leg matching the seams and hem and use as a cutting guide for the second leg. Carefully cut. Both legs should now be cut off and be the same length.

Step 3.
With your sewing machine do a zig-zag stitch as close to the edge that you trimmed off as possible. My jeans have a little stretch to them, so I used the stretch stitch setting on my sewing machine. Don't worry if it's a little uneven... no one will see.

Step 4.
Fold the bottom edge of the pants up 3 inches and press. Make a nice crisp edge by pressing firmly with a hot iron, being careful not to scorch.

Step 5:
Fold up another 3 inches and press again making a nice crisp crease.

Step 6:
Carefully bar tack the top of the cuff at the side seams on each side of the leg. I used a zig-zag stitch.

That's it... all done. One less pair of jeans laying in the closet... one NEW pair of capris to wear this summer!

Thanks for joining us today!
Deena Davis

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

In Loving Memory
By Joanna Fuchs

On every soldier’s tombstone
should be a message of honor, respect and love:
"In loving memory
of one who loved his country,
who fought against evil
to preserve what is right and true and good.
In loving memory
of one who is a cut above the rest of us,
who had the surpassing courage,
the uncommon strength,
to do whatever had to be done,
persevering through hardship and pain.
In loving memory
of one who was brave enough
to give his life, his all,
so that those he cared about
would remain safe and free.
In loving memory
of a unique and treasured soldier
who will never be forgotten."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog Party Sunday ---- Show us your handmades

 It's blog party time.   It's your chance to show off what you are making for yourself,  for gifts, or to sell.   We want to see it all.

The rules are simple:

1. Follow our blog

2. Handmade items only.

3. You may list up to 3 items.

4. Family friendly items only.

The success of this link party depends on the participants so spread the word to your friends, visit the shops, post about it on your blog, in a forum or on your favorite social networking site, grab the button and put it on your blog or website.

Just click on the Add Your Link button at the end of this post and add your items.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Featured Shop --- Be Something New

Since June is almost here and known as the lucky month for weddings,  I thought I would share this shop I came across that sells beautiful wedding head bands.   Be Something New

Ivory lace headband with vintage broach and pearls

Ivory antique beaded applique ribbon tie sash or headband

Large Rose Headband

Rolled Rose and Vintage Lace Fantasy Headband

Be sure and visit this shop to see more beautiful creations.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeSomethingNew

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Handmade Spotlight - Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial --- Strawberry Pincushion

Today I am sharing my Strawberry Pincushion pattern with you. It was designed for using emery but you can easily substitute polyfil stuffing instead.   Just leave out the lining and make the strawberry pincushion and fill with stuffing instead.    Click here to download.

Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Simple Tips to Stay Organized with the Kids This Summer

With the beginning of summer break upon us, a lot of Mom's are asking themselves how they can stay organized with the kids home all summer. Below are five simple tips to keep things running smoothly.

1. Keep a family calendar
The best place to keep a family calendar is on the fridge, write down times for ball games, meetings and other events. I've found writing down things as simple as going to the grocery store helps. Any event you plan to do should be written down.

2. Be prepared for the next day, the night before
Just as we plan what needs to be taken to school with our kids, we need to plan what we'll be doing the next day in the summer too. Get things ready ahead of time if you can.

3. Find a routine
If you found that doing laundry in the evening worked during the school year, you may find it just the opposite in the summer months. Be flexible about your daily routines until you find what works. Keeping up with dishes, laundry and housework will be very helpful. Enlist the kids help too.

4. Plan out your meals
Look at your schedule for the week and plan your meals accordingly. If it's a busy night, plan for something quick. This will save a lot of stress and will save you from spending money at the drive-thru. You can do some quick meal planning when making out your grocery list.

5. Make time for the kids and time for you
Plan to spend some time each day doing things with your kids such as reading a story or working a puzzle, maybe even watching a movie or taking a walk with your older child. Don't forget to take time for yourself too. We all know the saying... "if momma ain't happy... ain't nobody happy". Be sure to take time for yourself to rest and rejuvenate.

Here's wishing us all an happy and organized summer!
Deena Davis

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog Party Sunday ---- Show Off Your Handmades

 It's blog party time again.  It's your time to share your  handmades.    We would love to see what you have so don't hesitate to  join us today.

The rules are simple:

1. Follow our blog

2. Handmade items only.

3. You may list up to 3 items.

4. Family friendly items only.

The success of this link party depends on the participants so spread the word to your friends, visit the shops, post about it on your blog, in a forum or on your favorite social networking site, grab the button and put it on your blog or website.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's Featured Shop --- Quilt Tops

Today I am featuring a shop from Artfire.com, Ouilt Tops. Lots of sewn items here. I especially love this apron.

Kitchen Apron

Purse Mates

Welcome Folk Art Wall Quilt

Spring Fling Wall Quilt

Batik Fish Potholders

Be sure and pay this shop a visit.   http://www.artfire.com/users/QuiltTops

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Handmade Spotlight - A Farmhouse Gathering

Today, we're featuring an ArtFire collection that includes guild member's items from A Farmhouse Gathering.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ---- Printing on Fabric ---Script Ribbon

Have you been wanting to try printing on fabric in your printer but not sure how to go about it?   Today I have prepared a tutorial for you to show you how easy it really is.    We are going to print some  Script Ribbon.

The first thing you are going to need is some freezer paper.   It is available in 8 1/2  x  11 sheets and also comes in 8 1/2 x  50 ft rolls.   Today I am using the roll because I need a piece 14 inches long for my project.

I am using white muslin for this project.  (Tea-dyed muslin would be great to use,  too.)    Cut a 14 inch long piece of freezer paper.    Now the first thing you are going to do is to iron the freezer paper to your fabric.  
First I lay the freezer paper on top of the fabric and lightly iron it to the fabric.

Turn the fabric over now and iron it from the fabric side.   The reason I do this is because you will usually get bubbles in the fabric and they need to be ironed out.  
Now turn the fabric to the back again and cut the excess fabric away from the paper.   Take your time and do this accurately because you don't want any loose fabric to get caught in your printer as it rolls through it.

With the fabric side up,  using strong pressure iron the fabric again, paying particular attention to the outside edges,   making sure the fabric is completely adhered to the freezer paper.   Now you are ready to start printing.

Next you will need to set your printer for printing your image on the fabric.    Open your printable image up and on the toolbar at the top of the page,  click on file and then print.

Select your printer and then click on properties.  

Select the text and image option and then under paper size,  8 1/2 x 14.   (If you don't have this option on your printer,  you can use the 8 1/2 x 11 option. Your ribbon will just be shorter.)  Then click ok.

Put your fabric into the printer and because of it's length you will probably have to lightly hold the fabric up until it starts feeding into the printer.

Click on the final ok and your printer will start to print your image on to the fabric.   And here is the finished product.

Now with a rotary cutter cut the script strips,  leaving 1/4 inch of white fabric on each side of the script.   This will give you four lengths of fabric ribbon.   Some examples of ways to use this ribbon is for altered art projects,  pillows,  and atc cards.

I want to thank Deena of http://www.ewenmeprintables.com for the use of her  Script Ribbon Printable.  

I have been printing on fabric for over six years now and I highly recommend using one of the Epson Stylus printers. I been using the Epson C88+ for several years now.     Epson's dura brite ink is one of the best on the market.  It is highly resistant to fading.

Be sure and read your printer manual to see if your printer will take the thickness of the fabric.   I have found that if it won't print on cardstock,  it won't print on the fabric/freezer paper.  
I also would not recommend using a printer that feeds paper in from the bottom. 

Jamming the fabric up in your printer is the main thing you want to be careful of.   This seldom happens to me today because I take care to make sure my fabric is tightly adhered to the freezer paper,  especially on all the edges. 

Your printer nozzles will clog up after printing on fabric and you will need to run the printer head cleaner every so often.   I do a lot of printing of black images and I have to clean the heads after every 3rd print.   Color printing doesn't seem to require it that often.


Disclaimer:   Printing on fabric in your printer is at your own risk.