Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Vintage Christmas

Well Thanksgiving is over and we are full force into the Christmas holiday now. Some people already have their homes decorating and some may be like me and wait until after Thanksgiving. So for those of you that are looking for some more decorations for your home why not add some vintage Christmas items. Let's look at Etsy for some decorations. :)

Ok...we need to start with a Christmas tree. Oooo.....oooo...I remember these!! Do you? PinkPickerParty has this one. :)

Oh and these too that jaditekate has! We had these on our trees and I use to watch them for hours. I loved the way they would bubble. Actually several years ago I got some of these for my tree so my kids could watch them also....hmmm.....wonder what happened to them. LOL!

We always had a nativity scene on the table. This one from bonnyhillshop looks a lot like the one we had. I thought the little animals were so cute. Actually my dad who is 96 and still lives at home puts it out every year. 

My mother had this exactly candy dish that MyAtticFinds has! She use to put chocolate cover peanut clusters in it!

Oh my................what a trip down memory lane this was for me! I could go on and on finding vintage items that I use to have as a kid. What fun! So if you are going to add to your decorating why not do it with some vintage decorations. :)

Have fun!

Colleen :)