Monday, August 9, 2010

Ideas for Organizing Your Desk

Can you ever have enough storage space? I can't. Especially when we're talking about desk space. Today I'd like to share some ideas with you that I found for organizing the office and desk areas.

First, I found this idea from, This desktop catchall is made from fabric and foam core board. The instructions are there so you can make your own with fabrics to match your decor.

How about this...  A velvet desktop organizer made from an antique photo album and an expansion file. You can find instructions for it at, (photo by WENDELL T. WEBBER)

And last I found instructions on how to make a magazine file from recycled cereal boxes. The instructions can be found at I love it when we can recycle and make something out of "nothing". These are great!

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Thanks for joining us again!
Deena Davis