Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Let's Plant Those Gardens

Now that Easter is over, and I hope everyone had a wonderful day, it is time to start thinking about those gardens. Flower gardens and vegetable gardens both need some planning. So let's get started.....

Some people have lots of room to have gardens and others don't. If you are limited on space or just want some cute ideas for containers check out Listotic for some really neat ideas for planting flowers and even an herb garden. 

Now if you are like me and getting to old to crawl around on the ground to tend your garden why not try a raised bed garden. My brother does lots of these as he doesn't have a lot of room in his back yard. It is amazing how much he does grow in one of these. The The Owner Builder Network has plans for building this raised garden. 

Some of you, like me, live in the north country so you have to take extra steps to have flowers and vegetables. The ground doesn't warm up like other places so it is hard to grow these so most of us have greenhouses. Over at Living Green And Frugally you can learn how to build a simple greenhouse. Check it out. :)

And lastly we need to know how to plant our gardens. And as you can see from Moms Need To Know there are some plants that don't like each other so we need to know how to plant them so they play nicely together. :)

Hopefully this helps you get in the mood for planning those gardens. I have a few more weeks before I can plant anything up here. Usually around Memorial Day is when I can put my flowers out. :)

Happy gardening! 

Colleen :)