Thursday, October 3, 2013

Witches Stitches – Antique Looking Pin Cushion

I love antique pincushions. I guess because I enjoy sewing. You don’t have to be a fiber artist like I am to make this pincushion. It looks so great sitting on a shelf or in a cupboard. It is so easy to make that with the holiday season coming up it would make a great hostess gift for the sewer in your life or anyone who collects primitive antiques.
Step 1 – Cut 3 circles, ovals or squares out of freezer paper in graduating sizes. I choose ovals. The largest is 7” long the middle one is 6” long and the smallest is 5” long. You can adjust these and make them larger or smaller depending on how large you want you pincushion to be.  Just make sure each is at least an inch larger than the next.
Step 2 – Place your paper pattern, SHINY SIDE DOWN, onto 2 layers of fabric with the right sides together. Iron the paper onto the fabric. Freezer paper will stick to the fabric. Now cut out, leaving at least an inch around the pattern for seam allowance, and sew around the paper pattern.  Cut closer to seam leaving ¼” and then peel the paper off the fabric.
Step 3 – Cut a slit about 3” long in ONE layer of the fabric oval. Now turn your fabric to the right side through this slit. When you have all 3 turned iron them flat, this will give your piece a nice smooth look.
Step 4 – Stuff your pin cushion with fiberfill of your choice. When it is stuffed whip stitch your slit closed. This will not show on the finished pin cushion.  After you have done this to all 3 sizes it is time to add definition. For this you need to use a heavier or stronger thread.  Embroidery thread or button thread are both good choices.  Cut a long section at least 2 feet and thread a larger needle. Take care not to get your thread tangled. With a knot on one end put the needle through the center of the oval bottom, where the slit is. Pull it through; now go around the one end so you are bringing your needle through the bottom again. This will wrap the thread around the end. Pull a little tight so you make a slight indentation. Now do this to all four sides. When you are done with the four sides now do it again in-between the four sections. You will end up with 8 equal sections. You may need to use a second length of thread to complete this. Do the same thing to all 3 pieces.
Step 5 – Making the top strawberry. I have a pattern I used by “Oodlekadoodle Primitives”. You get 3 sizes of strawberries and a great crow. I don’t remember if I got the pattern from Pattern Mart or from Etsy. You can use any small strawberry pattern you choose. Make the strawberry using the instructions in the pattern.
Step 6 – Starting with the largest oval place it slit side up. Put a circle of glue on the largest piece, I use Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. Make sure the circle of glue is small enough that when you place the middle oval on top it covers all the glue. Also make sure you place the middle oval slit side down. Now do the same for to smallest oval, also slit side down. Press down hard for a few seconds. Now place a dab of glue on your strawberry and place upside down on the smallest oval.

Step 7 – Now you can embellish your pin cushion with whatever you choose. I used some rusty pins, old buttons and a paper tag. I also used 2 covered floral pins, (I use these because the heads are large and they are 3” long and look like hat pins).
Step 8 – If you don’t have any old hat pins you can cover the floral pins and make them look old. All you do is cut as many circles of scrap fabric, about 2” across, as pins used. I choose to use 2. Cover the head of the pin with glue and then place it in the center of the fabric circle you have cut. Now mold the fabric to the head of the pin and tie with strong string or thread. You now have covered pins. They look great in this antique looking pin cushion.
I used tea dyed homespun for my project but you can use any fabric you choose and if you want, you can use colored thread to add a bit of interest.  You can also leave the top oval and strawberry off and place a little fabric bird on top. A good pattern to use is “Rags-n-Tags”” Prim Birdies”. They are the perfect size. I believe you can find this on Pattern Mart.
Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions give me a shout.  Thanks for reading,