Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witches Stiches - Grungy up any bottle or can

If you love the grungy old cans and bottles you see in all the prim shops and want to do a few yourself, I have a few easy steps to a great prim grungy look.
You will need the following:

A glass bottle or tin can, (any bottle or can will do), a piece of fabric. Make sure it is large enough to cover the bottle or can top opening and hang over the sides by at least2 inches, a piece of string or twine long enough to tie around the opening of the bottle or can, a can of flat black spray paint, a can of flat clear spray sealer, a bottle of cinnamon, paper label,  some pieces of printer paper and craft glue. (as always I use the kind in the gold bottle)

Step 1 - Clean your bottle or can and dry it. Place your item on a piece of paper, (instead of printer paper you can also use the pages from an old magazine. Just tear them out one at a time.) Now spray your bottle with the flat black paint. Please make sure you do this outside or in a very well-ventilated area.  I do mine outside. Make sure it is cover well. Do not spray to close to your item or it will drip. Let dry.
Step 2 – Once your item is dry glue your paper label on. You can make your own label. I did it in paint or you can buy one of the many on etsy. Let the label dry.

Step 3 – Now it is time to give it a great grungy look with cinnamon. You will do this one side at a time.  Place your bottle label side down and spray the back with the clear spray. Now you have to act fast, sprinkle the cinnamon on your item where you have sprayed it with the clear spray. The cinnamon will stick to the wet clear spray. How much you want to put on is up to you. You can do a lot or just a touch. I cover the entire item. I like it good and grungy. Repeat on all sides. Make sure you DO NOT spray your label with the clear spray. You do not want to cover the label with cinnamon. I use a piece of paper the size of the label to protect it. When the entire bottle or can is covered tap off excess and set aside for a few minutes to dry. Once it is dry, you are going to give your item another clear coat spray. This will seal the cinnamon so it does not come off everywhere and it also makes it look a bit darker. Now set it aside at least 2 hours to let it dry.

Step 4 – Now add the cloth and tie. You can cut your cloth piece in a circle or a square they both look great. Dot some glue on the top rim of the bottle or can. Lay your fabric on it. Now tie the fabric on with your choice of string. You can embellish with a paper tag. These look great sitting in a cupboard or on a shelf.

Enjoy and as always if you have any questions please give me a shout. Thank you for reading, Faith

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