Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial -- Mother's Day Sachet

Today I am sharing a pattern for a sachet that would make a great handmade Mother's Day gift.

Shabby N’ Chic  Sachet


8” square of doubled floral fabric
5 1/2” long piece of lace,  4” wide
7” length of beaded eyelash trim
matching ribbon:
11” of 1/4” wide ribbon
26” of 1/8” wide ribbon
one matching ribbon rosebud
matching thread
optional:   lavender or sweet annie buds


Cut the sachet pattern out on doubled fabric.    Lay the piece of lace on the right side of one of the sachet fabric pieces at the top edge and pin.  Trim the excess lace away on the sides.     Baste the lace to the fabric along the side and top edges

Cut a piece of ¼” ribbon 11 inches long and pin the ends even with the top edge where indicated on the pattern.   Make sure the ribbon doesn’t twist and then baste the ribbon to the sachet fabric.

With right sides together,  pin the other fabric on top.   Stitch around the outside edges in a ¼” seam,  leaving an opening where indicated on the pattern.    The ribbon will be in between the fabric pieces,  make sure it doesn’t get caught in the sewn seam.    Turn right side out.    Stuff with fiberfil and if desired,  you can add some sweet annie or lavendar buds inside the stuffing.

Stitch the side opening closed with a slip stitch.   Turn the ends of the eyelash trim under and pin evenly across the bottom of the sachet.   Handsew or glue the trim to the sachet.    Cut two lengths of 1/8” ribbon, one 12” and one 14”.  Tie two bows and stitch or glue them, together,  to the top of the sachet.   Stitch or glue a fabric rosebud on top of the ribbons.

Slip Stitch – Fasten thread and bring needle and thread out through one folded edge of
the opening. For the first and each succeeding stitch, slip needle through the fold and
take a bit of fabric for about 1/8 inch; bring needle out and draw the thread through.
Continue to take a stitch from first one side and then the other side, drawing the thread
tight as you work. Make a knot at the end and bury the thread end inside the tag,
clipping any excess thread off. This creates an invisible seam.

Click on the pattern to enlarge it to full size and save to your computer and print it out.