Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rag Quilting Tutorial --- Part Four

Welcome to part four of my rag quilting tutorial.   Today I want to give you some figures so that you can decide what size quilt you would like to make.

 You may find you would like to continue on and make a bed size quilt because these larger blocks make the quilting go a lot faster.    The finished large blocks should measure 19 1/2 inches.   When the blocks are sewn together they will measure 18 inches.

Small Lap quilt will take 2 blocks across and 3 blocks down   =   36 inches x 54 inches

Large Lap quilt will take 3 blocks across and 4 blocks down  =    54 inches x 72 inches

Twin Bed quilt will take 4 blocks across and 5 blocks down   =     72 inches x 90 inches

Full Bed quilt  will take 5 blocks across and 5 blocks down    =     90 inches x 90 inches

Queen Bed quilt  will take 5 blocks across and 6 blocks down  =    90 inches x 108 inches

King Bed quilt will take 6 blocks across and 6 blocks down   =    108 inches x 108 inches

From approximately one yard of flannel you can cut the backings for two of the large blocks.   You might be able to get a few more squares from continuous yardage.    I have been cutting the backing pieces out as time permits but I don't have all of them cut out so I can't give exact yardages. 

I was only able to finish one more block this week.

I pinned it together with the first block.  Then sewed them together in a 3/4 inch seam. 

And here is the finished section.

I hope to have a finshed lap quilt size to show you next week.    If you have been following along and have a finished lap quilt done,  we would love to see it.    Just email me through our contact form at the top of the blog and let me know.  

Thanks for visiting today,   Bette