Thursday, March 6, 2014

Witches Stitches Spring Banner

I am so over winter and cold weather. I am sure I am not the only one who can’t wait for Spring. Here in NC we have had the coldest winter in years. I know it is nothing compared to other parts of the country, but still for us it is bad and we are all ready for it to be gone. I wanted to make something that said Spring on it and had some Spring pictures on it.
When people think of spring decorating they think of the pastels, or bright uplifting bright colors. I collect country primitives so my living room is dark and wood color. I don’t want to introduce a lot of pastels or brights. So I made this little Spring banner in browns. It still makes me aware Spring is around the corner, (somewhere), and it will be her soon. Well really Spring will be here March 21 no matter what, but if the weather is Spring like is something to be seen. 
I made a banner out of paper and fabric. It says Spring and the second one I made has Spring pictures on it. They were very easy, here is how:

Step 1 – You will need to print your images on card stock. I used craft paper card stock. I like the look of it. You can find images on line, just do a search. I bought my images on Etsy and I think there were $3.50. It is a downloadable file and I can print as many as I please. So print your banner pieces. Now cut each one out.

Step 2 – If you want old looking ones to fit in with primitives you will need to age the banner pieces with distress ink. I use the color “Old Photo”. You will need the tool to apply the ink to the paper. You will also need black ink and letter stamps that say Spring.

Take your ageing ink and rub the applying pad to it. Now in a circular motion start to rub on the brown ink from the edges inward to the center. Do not fill in the center leave it lighter so there is a light circle in the center. Do this to as many printed pieces as you will be using.  I show the before and after in the picture.
Step 3 – Stamp the letters on each banner. I choose the word “Spring”. When you have all your paper prices cut and ready to go, see how many fabric pieces you will need to go between the paper ones. Cut the fabric ones the same size as the paper ones.  I tea dyed my fabric because it was a bit to light for me. I just made a tea solution and with a paint brush brushed it on the fabric. Then I dried them in the oven, on a cookie sheet, for 10 min. at 200 degrees. Remember never leave the kitchen when you have fabric in the oven. Safety first. .  I show the fabric before and after in the picture.
Step  4 – You will now sew the paper pieces together. In a straight line sew along the top edge of the pieces. This will keep them together. Now set these aside and sew the pieces of cut out fabric together.  Now place the fabric banner behind the paper one. And sew them all together along the top of the pieces.
Now you have a little banner. I used a bit of rusty wire as a hanger, Just poke a hole in the paper and loop it through. I then placed them on the front of two antique boxes that sit on my mantel. You can put these anywhere. You can use them as shelf border or you can pin them on your bulletin board. I am going to make a bunch and make a banner for my fireplace mantel.  If you want to see the finished banner of flowers on my mantel take a look next wed, I should have it done by then, on my pintrest board, “My Primitive Home in Sepia Tone”.  Here is the link