Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Needles-n-Pins Stitchedries: Let's Have A Vintage 4th of July

Fourth of July is coming soon! Hope everyone has some great plans for spending the 4th with family and friends. The 4th of July always brings back memories of the time when I was a kid and we use to light off fireworks around the neighborhood. Now....I will age myself by telling you that when I was a kid everyone had fireworks and we use to light them off everywhere. Now I know that isn't the right thing to do in these days, but we had a blast! And yes....we use to chase each other with Roman candles shooting all over the place and pop bottle rockets we use to shoot out of the bottles at each other! My oh my....can't believe we all survived that! :)

Anyway..........let's take a trip down memory lane with some vintage 4th of July from Etsy. 

Fourth of July is all about patriotism, parades, picnics and fireworks. There is nothing more patriotic than the American flag. The HotHouseVintageCo has a really nice one we see here. 

If you are going to the parade we need to dress for it. If you have a little girl that needs that special outfit for the parade why not dress her in a dress like this one from September Butterfly.

And then of course after the parade is the picnic. Love picnics!! Here is a picnic basket from TablesGoneWild that I sure some of you remember.

Then we end the day with the fireworks display and this vintage patriotic postcard from EndlessEphemera show what it is all about. 

So that is our trip down memory lane. Hope everyone has a fun and blessed 4th of July and enjoy the time with family and friends!


Colleen :)