Monday, November 11, 2013

Jacquie's Up- Cycle Nation: Baggage

We've all got baggage- Why not make the best of it! 
This simple up-cycle makes use of all those random scraps, souvenirs, paint, and everything else in the stash closet.  It also creates a new attractive space to stash more stuff!
The only true essentials for this project are Mod-podge, a good paintbrush, and patience. 
Choose a suitcase that is made of hard plastic.  These vintage cast-offs are in abundance at thrift stores.  This dud cost $5.99 at Salvation Army.  A bargain for me and the money goes to a good cause: a win-win up-cycle!
Use old book pages or scrap paper to create the first layer.  Mod-podge directly to suitcase. This takes a lot of Mod-podge and I found a large household paintbrush to be the best tool for the job.  Use small paper strips along skinny areas and rounded corners.  Leave some areas bare as these smaller spots can be covered with paint.
If papers bubble or come loose, simply pull them off and cover with new paper.
Let mod-podged paper layer dry over night.
Use acrylic paint to brush over paper and bare areas of the suitcase.
Now begin adding a new layer of visual interest.  Using a bottle cap as a stamp, I made loose polka dots in the lower corner.  Get creative with old stamps, freehand drawing, or markers.
Adding layers becomes addictive! 
The suitcase becomes a great place to display accumulated stickers and snippets hidden away in idea folders.
Smaller tidbits get their own special place on the suitcase sides.
 Washi tape looks smart along the structured lines of the suitcase.
To protect layers as the design builds, spray suitcase with a clear coat. 
There is no real end to the suitcase I am working on.  Though it is done "for now", I have a feeling there are many more layers to come.
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck