Thursday, May 29, 2014

Witches Stitches – Bear Making

I have made bears in the past, but I always made them out of fur. I can’t stand using fur. As I said last week I have made one out of fabric. I used a vintage piece of feed sack fabric. I decided I wanted to use a heavier weight fabric, something with texture to it. I did not want to use plain muslin. I then decided on a pattern I chose one by Sweet Meadows Farm. You can get them on etsy as an instant download.
Here are the easy steps to making this bear.
Step 1 – Choose your pattern. Trace and cut out pattern pieces from freezer paper.

Step 2 - Iron you pattern on a doubled piece of fabric. Make sure you place the paper shinny side down on your fabric. The paper will stick to the fabric and all you have to do is sew around it.

Step 3 – After you have sewn around the pattern pieces, remove the paper and cut the pieces out. Now turn to the right side and stuff and assemble the bear as per the pattern’s instruction.
Step 4 – Give our bear a personality. When you put his head on make sure you atilt it a bit. This Twill give your bear an expression.

Sep 6 – Here is a pic of him done but no dyed or any eyes, nose or mouth. Now take the bear and add a nose and eyes, I use tiny rusty bells, for his eyes, you can use whatever you choose.

Step 7 – Dye your bear, you can use Walnut Ink or tea for this. After he dried I sanded him with a fine grit sandpaper.

I added a cheesecloth tie around his neck and he is done.

I will have to start making bears again. I love the way they turn out. What do you think?
...and now for a shameless plug for me, he will be listed on etsy tomorrow afternoon.