Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Back To School

Well summer is winding down and schools are starting up soon. Some schools have already started and around here they start next week. It seems summers just fly by anymore and when you get my age they go into warp speed! :)

So...if some of you are getting ready to send those kiddos off to school how about checking out some of the artisans on Etsy for your "back to school" supplies. I was amazed at all the "goodies" there are. 

The first thing that you need are school supplies and I would assume most of you have this task already done. So that your children can keep track of all their supplies why not use these labels from MarbellaPrintables

No matter if your child is in elementary school or high school they usually have a whole new wardrobe to start school. Why not have a few items that are personalized to them in their closet. I would think even the teenager might like that. StitchedForKids can personalize a shirt for you. 

We need something to carry all of our supplies in and most kids I know use backpacks. So how about a personalized one for your children....EMEmbroidery has a lot of back packs and bags that would work for carrying their supplies. 

Then the favorite time of the school day is "lunch"!! Pack your kids lunch in these bags from LilyPieBaby. They can be used for all ages and with the modern fabric design your teen might even use them. :)

So no matter what age your child is they still like new "stuff" to head off to school. Hope everyone has a great school year!!

Colleen :)