Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Witches Stitches – Bunny in a Can

They tell me Spring is here but with the weather we have been having, I truly am starting to doubt it. We had sleet, snow and freezing rain this past Tues. So I figure despite the weather I was going g to make something Spring inspired. I made a Bunny in a Can.
Sounds kind of silly I know but these little guys are quick and easy to make. If you celebrate Easter they can be part of your Easter decorating and after it is over they can be left out for Spring; If you don’t celebrate Easter they are the cutest little Spring addition to your home.

Step One – Making the little rabbit. I used a pattern from Crows Roost Prims. Here is the link to it on Patternmart
It is so easy to make and the pattern has all the directions. The pattern has the bunny in a fabric pouch…I put him in a can. After he is sewn together, turn to the right side and stuff.
Step 2 – Tea dye him by making a very strong tea solution and then painting it onto your fabric rabbit. When he is dry paint him with dark brown paint. When that is dry go over it in places with a little black. Make it look smudged.  Let dry. You can put him in the oven to hasten the drying process. REMEMBER DO NOT leave the kitchen while the bunny is in the oven, safety first. Set the oven on 200 degrees. Pop him in for about 10 min and he should dry.
Step 3 – Take him out and lightly sand him if you want an aged worn  look. If that is not the look you want just skip this step.

Step 4 – Stitch a simple face on him. Don’t forget his whiskers. Now the bunny is done. Set him aside. Next  you need to alter a can.
Step 5 – You will need a can. I used a regular size soup can. After you open the can remove the lid. Make sure there are no sharp edges. If there are use a pair of plies and squeeze them to the can so they are no longer sharp.  Wash out the can completely and dry it.
Step 6 – Spray paint the can black. When it dries spray it with matt clear sealer. Before it dries sprinkle ground cinnamon over the sealer. This will make the cinnamon stick to the can. When you have enough on your can wait a few minutes and then spry again with matt clear acrylic spray, let dry.
Step 7 – Cut a piece of cheesecloth to cover the can. Separate it so it is only one layer thick. Wrap the can with the cheesecloth and then tie it on with a piece of cheesecloth.
Step 8 – Now put some glue on the inside and stick some moss around the top. When it is done put the rabbit in the can. You can glue him in or you can just sit him there. It is up to you.
You now have a rabbit in a can. You can embellish him with a paper tag or anything else you might want to use. I was going to wrap the can in a label that said Rabbit Stew, but I am a vegetarian and just could not do it.
If you love the rabbit in a can and don’t want to make it you can find a listing for him in my etsy shop.
Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please give me a shout.

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