Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial - Survival Bracelets

This past weekend, my 11 year old son went to 4-H camp. One of the highlights of the weekend was making a survival bracelet. These bracelets seem to be "all the rage" right now for kids (especially boys) and finding a craft that boys actually like can be very daunting.

These bracelets are called by many different names, such as, warrior bracelets, paracord bracelets... etc.  Paracord is used to make this and when it's unraveled it's about 8 ft. in length.... so... If you're stranded in the wilderness and need a rope, you simply unravel your bracelet. My son tells me that soldiers wear these. Honestly, I don't really know that much about them, so I think an internet search is in order so I can learn a little more.

Anyway... they're pretty simple to make. It's just a series of square knots and if you've ever made a macrame plant hanger, you'll have no problem with these.

Below are a couple pictures of the one my son made. I also found a link at instructables.com on how to make them.

Have a great week!
Deena Davis