Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial - Sew Sweet Stitched Packaging

Today, we have a guest poster, sharing a tutorial on how to make this darling bubble mailer envelope.

Please welcome, Melissa of www.sewsweetstitches.blogspot.com

We'll be talking about how to make homemade packaging and shipping supplies. Recently Etsy had a great series in the Storque about spiffy-ing up your packaging before the holiday rush that inspired me to find cheaper and more unique solutions to shipping. I've only had the opportunity to package a few sales, and I'm disappointed in myself for how boring they were! So I went to the scrapbook store (a very dangerous place!) and brainstormed. Here's what I came up with- I hope you find it helpful!

To start off, pick up some cool scrapbook paper. It's usually cheapest at the big-box craft stores, but if you're fortunate enough to have a local scrapbook specialty store, they're more likely to have the best selection. To match my nostalgic-themed shop, I chose some whimsical-patterned paper with cheerful colors. You'll need one sheet of cardstock for each bubble mailer, and if you can find a matching paper pad grab it too for the matching packaging and gift tags.
Card stock sheets: 65 cents
8" x 8" paper pad: $7

You'll probably be able to round up all the other supplies from your craft room- paper punch, tape, scissors, etc. Also pick up a roll of bubble wrap. I got mine at the dollar store.

To begin, choose a sheet of carstock and cut a piece of bubble wrap to match, leaving about 4 or 5 inches on one side. You'll want to make the fold-over flap now, so cut out a sqare half the size of the cardstock sheet.

When you fold the sheet in half, you should have this:

Now you can secure your bubble wrap if you want. I used a couple pieces of looped tape, just to keep the plastic from slipping when I sew the envelope.

Using a separate needle, (it will get dull after punching through paper!) stitch up and down both long sides and the short side without the flap.

Now, fold the flap over and stitch a line down the raw edge. This is optional, it just gives it a more finished look when you fold it over.

Now you're ready to stuff the envelope with your product and packaging!

If you chose a patterned or bright paper for the envelope, it's best to add a plain address label. I made mine with spare cardstock and decorative-edged scissors. You can get those at the craft store for about a dollar.

I love the look of hand-written postage. Slap it on with some shipping tape, and you're done!

If you need a larger envelope, you can get up to about 10" x 10" by sewing 2 sheets of carstock together instead of just folding one.

I haven't heard any feedback from this customer yet, but the postal worker who took the package went crazy over it! I hope my customer does too!

We hope you've enjoyed, Melissa's tutorial as much as we have. You can visit Melissa at www.sewsweetstitches.blogspot.com