Monday, September 2, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Dangling Parts

Lost and broken earrings accumulate almost as fast as mismatched socks but are far less useful.  After all, you can wear mismatched socks under boots and around the house, but mismatched dangling earrings never caught on as a trend.
 Don't let those old broken jewels clog up the jewelry box or get tossed in the trash! Instead, pull out those old faves and up-cycle them into a some boho-chic pendants.  This is so easy and quick even the kiddos can get involved in the fun.
Choose pieces and beads with a center hole that can be easily looped with 1.5mm leather cord.  I use the coated leather cording because it is durable yet thin.
This project can be as simple or as fancy as you decide.
I used ceramic beads from an old cherished bracelet that had broken.
Tie cording in a knot at neck back, leaving enough drape for the necklace to be taken on and off easily over the head.
Now go hog wild!  Make a week's worth at once, make gifts for friends or let the kids make their own style expressions.   Your jewels will be happy to once again be the center of attention, raking in the compliments!