Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today's Featured Artist - Folkart From The Heart

Today's featured artist is Kim Owens from Folkart From The Heart.


 Hi,  I’m Kim Owens.  I reside in sunny California where my very supportive husband has allowed me to create a home studio where I sculpt all of my Folk Art creations.

  I got started in my home based business about twenty years ago when I met a gal at church who shared my passion for art. 
  My friend and I took a tole painting class together and from there started our own business of doing home parties.  From there, we branched out to craft fairs.  Once the World Wide Web was born, and became an affordable option, it quickly became my venue of choice.  Of course there is still no substitute for holding a piece of art in your hands, so I do plan to get back into Art Fairs. 

  I started out painting on wood.  I would cut out my own patterns using a scroll saw and then paint each piece with acrylic paint. Soon after I discovered garden art.  So I would sculpt a piece out of clay, create a reusable mold and then cast the piece in concrete.  I still have the original pieces; they still make me smile when I look at them.  From there I discovered Polymer Clay, which I still love to use.  The colors and textures that can be created are endless.  Today however, I am working with my own handmade paper clay. It’s much lighter and more durable than Polymer Clay, and it allows me to be more artistic with my paints and chalks.  I still use Polymer Clay in conjunction with the Paper Clay, but Paper Clay is my medium of choice.

  I will always love making snowmen and Santas, they will always be near and dear to my heart.  But my creative juices are always flowing and new ideas pop into my head faster than I can create them, so the snowmen and Santas have to vie for attention.
  Now that my children are grown and starting families of their own, I get to work any time I want to.  I do make sure my house is clean and always ready for company and that I have at least a plan for dinner when my husband comes home, other than that, I’m free to create anytime my muse inspires me.   

I would love to someday own my own commercial art studio where my customers can come directly to me, anytime they want to and hold my art in their hands.  I love people and I love to share my art with those that love unique, quality, handcrafted sculptures.

  When I pick up a piece of art, and I see a unique design that is one of a kind created with care, time, love and quality  and I know that I am the only person on the planet that will own that piece of art, then I know it’s handcrafted.  That’s how I want my customers to feel when they hold a piece of my art in their hands.